3 myths about learning a language

MYTH 1 - A word in 6 seconds

Very often you can see on YouTube funny ads like "we will teach you to memorize words in 6 seconds."

Sounds good, positive. But God forbid students at least read them in such a time, but they promise to teach them shortly, but try to remember words like carbohydrates, conscientiousness in 6 seconds.

If you intend to gain vocabulary of a foreign language yourself, then we recommend such useful applications as lingualeo or quizlet. They are free, you can download to any device and learn the words in the subway, in traffic and at a boring meeting.


MYTH 2 - We will change your accent

Theoretically, it is possible to lose your accent but only when a person has lived in another country for many years or this person speaks to a native speaker every day. And in three months you are unlikely to be relieved from the accent, since you have another articulation, the organs are used differently from childhood and it is not easy to retrain yourself.

Your main task is to correctly stress words and imitate the main sounds that are not in your native language. There is a good site where speakers will teach you to pronounce the words as correctly as possible - forvo.

MYTH 3 - Learn a language in 8 or 16 lessons

This number of lessons and hours spent with the language alone is very scary. For 16 lessons you can understand a little more about the structure of a language, refresh your memory, but not learn it and speak it. If it were so, then we would have built the Tower of Babel in 16 hours.

If you like to take courses, you can take courses in completely different directions on free educational platforms like edx or futurelearn. They offer certificates that you can attach to linkedin.

Well, if you are seriously thinking about learning a foreign language, I recommend you to find a suitable tutor on PROFSKILL, which will be helpful and guide you in achieving your goals much faster than learning it yourself.

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