About us

Profskill is a platform for the providing educational services. We give people the opportunity to find a tutor or specialist for their request, get a job in the specialty. You may not limit yourself at profskill.com. Don`t worry about a place of residence and choose the best option for yourself to study and provide knowledge anywhere in the world.

Our goal

The goal of Profskill is to improve the quality of education and the providing of services to solve a problem shortly. We want to open the opportunity to receive instant online consultations from a specialist or tutor. Here you do not depend on time, location and work experience. We also want to inspire people to improve their skills and believe in the long-term success of our company.

Our values

We respect each employee and value every client, acting honestly and legally. We at the profskill team are eager to work with you.

Services we provide

• consultations online and locally with qualified specialists;

• assistance in the document preparation;

• information services of specialists of various types of activities like legal advice, support for an accountant, notary assistance and others;

• translation of documents, diplomas, resumes;

• work with your questions on the financial part and insurance;

• study English, French, Polish and other foreign languages;

• preparation for school, help in tests for AEL, EGE, Olympiad and other school subjects

• you can seek advice from a psychologist or consult a doctor


Profskill is an easy money making opportunity. By registering at our website, you sell what you have, your knowledge and skills. Thus, you will always have a regular client and payment. We strive to provide jobs absolutely for everyone. Here you can get not only additional income, but also build your career, provide for yourself and your family.


Every person is faced with the search. Even if you are far away you can get in touch with your chosen mentor. You save time by ordering online appointments.

Self-education in our time plays a big role and the idea of ​​creating our platform was to give all people access to self-development, so if you have a desire to study and learn new skills or get your first work experience, welcome to the Profskill team as a specialist or tutor.

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