• How to contact to PROFSKILL support service?

    You can contact support at support@profskill.com

  • If I missed a booked lesson?

    In accordance with the PROFSKILL Payment Policy, if you fail to appear at a class or appointment without warning, we reserve the right to withdraw money from your account. If you had a particularly good reason for not showing up for a lesson / consultation, you can apply for a refund in the support at support@profskill.com

  • Can I transfer course of lessons or consultations from one teacher / specialist to another?

    If a specialist / tutor does not suit you or due to other circumstances there is a need to transfer your funds to another user who works for our company, please contact our website support at support@profskill.com. Please note that the time it takes to solve a problem may take from 1 hour to 3 days, so please contact us in advance if you have already chosen and agreed with another specialist about the lesson or consultation.

  • How do I pay for services on profskill.com?

    Upon registration, each user is provided with his own account, to which you transfer the amount of money to pay for lessons / consultations. Money from your personal account is not withdrawn until you confirm the lesson. After confirmation, they will be listed on the tutor / specialist account.

  • How to cancel my lesson?

    To cancel a lesson, go to your calendar and click on the reserved time, change the date and time which suit you, and confirm this action. If this function does not work for you or you do not understand how to do it, you can contact your teacher / specialist or support at

  • How to assess the teacher / specialist?

    As soon as you confirm the lesson / consultation, you are given the opportunity to evaluate your tutor / specialist by clicking on the appropriate assessment (on a five-point system). Try to give an objective assessment to help with the choice of another user.

  • If I forgot my password?

    When you enter your account to the right of the password column there is a link to recover the password - it is called "forgot your password?" On it you go to the password recovery window, where you will need to enter your email address where you will receive a message about your new password.

  • How can I get a refund for the undelivered service?

    We carry out a refund in accordance with our Payment Policy and are ready to consider your application for refund. Contact us at support@profskill.com

  • How to connect to my first lesson / consultation?

    As soon as you successfully book the time in the schedule of the teacher / specialist, you will automatically receive his data, skype id (login) of the profile for conducting classes. You will need to respond to his friend request on skype or add his skype yourself. After these actions, start the lesson at the appointed time. In case you have some issues with it contact us at support@profskill.com

  • What if I want to transfer my lesson / consultation?

    In order to transfer a lesson / consultation you need to go to your schedule and click on the option with the reserved time, transfer it to a convenient time and day for you. We recommend warning your tutor/specialist before or after changing the time.

    In accordance with the payment policy of our website, you have the right to postpone a lesson or consultation in advance, at least three hours before it starts. This will enable your tutor / specialist to adjust their schedule. If you did not have time to transfer the lesson or you did not warn the teacher about its transferring, PROFSKILL reserves the right to transfer the payment for this lesson / consultation to the tutor / specialist. In case you have some issues contact us at support@profskill.com

  • Do I have the right to record audio or video?

    You have the right to make recordings of the lesson or consultation if you use them for yourself and you don`t share them with third parties (according to the privacy policy of profskill.com). For more details contact us at support@profskill.com

  • How to sign up for a lesson or consultation?

    You need to choose a teacher or specialist in profskill search and select the right time of the lesson / consultation in his calendar. You can book a lesson or consultation instantly, or sign up with a tutor / specialist before booking time for more details.

    We strongly recommend to read the profile of a tutor or specialist carefully, read reviews about him, watch his video presentation, ask about his time zone and language in which he consults / teaches.

    Contact us at support@profskill.com if you have some issues.

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